Low Cost
Low Volatility
Ability to act as a strong oxidizing agent
Ability to act as a strong dehydrating agent
Strong acidic properties


Colourless liquid

Sp. Gravity at 30° C


Boiling Point

340° C


Attack many metals with liberation of hydrogen, which is inflammable and forms explosive mixture, Hygroscopic in nature, Oxidizing agent.

Purity (as H2SO4)

98.0% min

Iron (as Fe)

0.05% max

Residue on ignition

0.20% max

Lead (as Pb)

0.005% max

Arsenic (as As)

0.004% min


sulphuric acid is available in HM HDPE Carboys of 50 kgs, or in bulk (10, 15 metric ton road tanker) as per the client's requirement.